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Japanese labor export the “Yes” and “Loss” should be considered


In recent years, Vietnamese labor export Japanese products more and more. By the end of 2019, there were 401,326 Vietnamese workers coming to work in Japan.

But in recent years exports to South Korea have been limited and the Japanese government has relaxed its visa policy to attract more foreign workers to address labor shortages in the context of land population. Sunrise water is aging rapidly.

Since then Vietnamese workers have shifted towards the labor market in Japan. Most of the subjects going to Japan to work are graduate students who want to earn money, but rural-born workers want to change their lives, unemployed workers turn to export.

However, coming to Japan to work also has some advantages that you should consider before registering to work in Japan

The okay when going to work in Japan

Firstly, bring back a great savings.

Each month, the average income of Nhat Ban is about 30 million / month. After deducting the cost of accommodation, living (about 10 million per month) and the cost to make the initial exit procedures, after 3 years of returning home, workers can still save some money. Big money is about 500 million – 700 million. It is a desirable sum of money for poor workers, helping them to accumulate capital for business and change their lives.

Secondly, improve Japanese knowledge.

Before going to Japan to work, any trainee needs to undergo a process of free Japanese language training lasting from 3-6 months. After coming to Japan, by working directly and chatting daily with native people, your Japanese will increase rapidly, reaching about N3 or more if you study hard. Good Japanese is a great advantage for you to get a good job with an attractive salary in Vietnam.

Thirdly, be trained in working style and skills

Japanese people are famous in the world for their special working style, they have many good principles in both life and work that you can learn and apply effectively to yourself. At the same time, strict working style, Japanese rules will be of great help to you in perfecting your life skills, work skills. That is why in Vietnam today, there are many priority companies to recruit people who have come to work in Japan.

Fourthly, Improve skills and access to the most developed industry in the world.

Working in Japan, you not only have the opportunity to interact directly with the most modern machines and technology to expand the world view, you also have the opportunity to learn and develop professional qualifications, improve skills, serve the development of their own career, get a stable job after returning home.

However, when going  to labor export  in Japan besides the “OK”, that time also means that you need to accept the “LOSE”, give up and sacrifice some things in life.

Things lost when working in Japan

First, away from family and relatives.

Three years is not a short time, you will have to leave your family, your loved ones, your friends to go to work in a completely foreign country. You may be disappointed on the sick days, holidays but do not be discouraged, okay, it is worth it to exchange the three years to have a better life for the family, right?

Second, working hard in the land

If you are thinking of going to Japan to work leisurely but have a high salary, you should immediately reconsider your decision. The Japanese work with industrial manners, so if you do not determine the psychology will be hard from the beginning, you will be very difficult to integrate with the job and get 3 years of smooth working in Japan.

Third, take risks.

The first is the debt risk because the average cost to Japan is about 200 million and most of the people who come to Japan to work are low-income people. If there is a risk you and your family will carry a large debt.

In the process of working you may also face certain risks, the most serious is forced to return home, if: The company goes bankrupt (although very little rate), does not comply fully co-operating with the host company or violating the laws of the host country. Therefore, you need to always put yourself in the framework, try to complete the assigned tasks and avoid violating the rules and regulations so you can avoid unnecessary risks.

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